Welcome to my world of Beauty

January 5, 2020

By Margi Winn LC, CE, CME, LHP

My entire life has been involved with skincare. It all started with acne as a teenager and most of my adult life. That gave me the foundation to have empathy on anyone suffering from skin issues. I resonate so much with this famous quote by Maya Angelou: "People may not remember what you said or did, but at the end of the day , they will remember how you made them feel!' That is so true especially in today's world and in my world of Esthetics. You've come to the right place if your looking for expert care of your skin, and a chance to escape to a relaxing ambiance where your skin, body and soul is treated for refinement, rejuvenation and relaxation. The minute you walk in the door it's all about you. I want to make sure you feel that your skin's health and overall wellbeing is important to me.

What was once considered a luxury that only the privileged  indulged in has now become more mainstream. Society has become more aware of the trends floating around in skin and health issues. Celebrities are raving about their favorite treatments and products of choice , while massive amounts of skincare  products are readily available. If you don't understand how your skin functions or what is happening to your skin and why, or type of skin or condition you have, it can be bit confusing choosing the right product  with all the cutting edge ingredients in todays market that best  suits you.   Antioxidants are mainstream, but so is Hyaluronic acid (HA), combination of peptides, collagen, botanicals, alpha-hydroxy acids, organic and non organic , various serums now with growth factors and DNA and newest addition like we don't have enough available at our fingertips , you can now see CBD and hemp entering the arena. It's a lot to keep up with especially for me because I have to constantly see what's new and how it can help your skin. That is why you come to a Skincare expert to learn.  I can best evaluate your skin's condition thru a mag lite. I am able see up close your hydration level, oil content, capillary strength, sun damaged, and various skin irregularities.  I will do my best to professionally clean your pores, refine and restore that youthful glow we all want to attain for as long as we can. Guiding you to your overall skin's health is my goal because at the end of the day , I want to make sure you feel and look good!